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Rodopi OSS

Rodopi has developed the first fully web-enabled operations support systems (OSS) software to automate online customer subscription and activation, real-time provisioning, billing and payment processing, customer communications, and customer care. Designed to automate operations and business processes for Internet service providers (ISPs), applications service providers (ASPs), web hosting providers and Internet telephony (VoIP) providers, this fully-configurable application dramatically improves customer service and efficiency by offering:

Automated Back Office - 24/7 customer sign-up and self-activation, automated billing and customer care enables customers to choose, initiate and service their account online. Once your customers sign up for service, Rodopi manages your accounts through automated billing, usage import and rating and even service de-activation for non-payment (service is re-activated upon payment).

Rapid Service Roll Out – Service providers, wholesalers and resellers can roll out services within hours, not days. Rodopi’s pre-configured templates are easy to load and easy to launch. Services can be rolled out with 24-hours of implementation.

Flexible Service Bundling - Rodopi allows you to define integrated product bundles for each class of customer using any number or type of services that be combined in one or more product bundles. Flexible billing rules and fees can be configured for each bundle.

Affordable Business Models – Whether you’re an ISP, WISP, ASP, web host or VoIP service provider, Rodopi’s “pay-as-you-grow” pricing models are affordable from the inception of your services to market maturity.

One Touch System – Third party integration capabilities allow IP services providers to roll many applications into one powerful system. Integration modules with Register.com®, Motorola Canopy™, Plesk, Ensim, BroadSoft™ BroadWorks™ and many others are available.

Rodopi OSS