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Top Reasons Web Hosting Companies Choose Rodopi

Provisioning: Instantaneous provisioning of accounts on virtually any web server. Furthermore, accounts can be disabled when payment is not received and re-enabled when the payment is received.

New Technology: Emerging high margin technologies (unified messaging, VoIP, Fax over IP, and web conferencing) can rapidly be rolled out. Sell cutting edge products and services before the competition can manage to adapt their billing system.

Flexible Usage Billing: Rodopi can quickly be setup to bill for MB uploaded/downloaded, as well as web traffic, bytes of streaming media, or wireless traffic. There is no type of usage that Rodopi cannot bill for. Simply present the data and Rodopi will bill the appropriate users.

Consolidated Billing: A single system can support a multitude of services including internet access, web hosting, domain name subscriptions, unified messaging, VoIP, and dedicated lines. Your end-users will have the benefits of viewing all of their services in one consolidated billing statement.

Complex Pricing Schemes: Create unlimited pricing models to get the most revenue without turning away customers (promotions, percentage discounts, or period discounts).

Reporting: Rodopi is the only software in its class to introduce the use of the OLAP (online analytical processing) technology for quick flexible reporting. OLAP allows the user to make their own reports rather then be confined to the built in reports provided by the software vendor.

Domain Name Registration: Rodopi will automatically register domain names with a registrar of your choice. We currently have an integration with two leading Domain Name Registrars, Names4Ever and OpenSRS (tucows). In addition, XML interfaces, for easy integration with other Registrars, are available.

Salability: Web hosting companies can increase their customer base exponentially with minimal expenses for additional employees or additional hardware.

Multiple Registrars: Rodopi is one of the few products that allows the use of multiple registrars. For example: Names4Ever for .com .net .biz domains and OpenSRS for .uk domains. This significantly cuts costs since providers can choose the best provider for each TLD (.com .biz etc.)

Automatic DNS Provisioning: Automatic update of DNS server(s) every time a new web hosting account is subscribed, deleted, or modified.

Server Management Solutions: Rodopi is tightly integrated with best-of-breed hosting automation software solutions. Such products in conjunction with Rodopi provide for a powerful and complete solution for a web hosting business.

Web Banners: Effective web banners are a requirement for a successful web hosting business. Rodopi's marketing manager module will report the effectiveness (number of subscriptions and revenue generated) for each web banner.

Customer Self-Care: Fully customizable customer self-care web interfaces greatly reduce support calls and expenses while increasing customer satisfaction.

API: Allows full customization of the customer self care interfaces to fit your existing business model.

Logo Branding: Ability to brand services under different company names and, thus, seamlessly add resellers for the services sold.

Ad Tracking: Marketing reports track and show effectiveness of each advertising method.