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Rodopi VoIP

Key Benefits

  1. Authentication and Accounting: Support for RADIUS AAA, Lucent's MVAM, Cisco 53XX, plus and host of plug-n-play integration modules for the most popular applications in the industry provide seamless integration to the industry’s most popular network applications.

  2. Flexible Rating and Unrestricted Pricing Schemes: Rodopi allows users to configure an unlimited number of pricing plans and rate tables with the ability to create plans for each class of customer. Rate tables can be imported or modified online. Promotions, period and percentage discounts, and special offers can be created and billed automatically at an assigned rate for a pre-determined length of time.

  3. Prepaid/Postpaid Calling Cards: Prepaid and postpaid calling cards, one time use cards, and multiple use top-up cards are tracked and managed by Rodopi. Usage caps and credit card thresholds are also available and charged automatically when the threshold is reached.

  4. Unlimited Service Bundles: Services can be bundled in to any type or number of integrated product bundles allowing customers to select, provision and initiate their services online. Flexible billing rules, promotional pricing and credit policies can be configured for each bundle or each type of customer.

  5. Powerful Third-Party Integration Modules: Dozens of plug-n-play integration modules allow users to integrate and automate their legacy or Greenfield network environments into a single, easy-to-use “one-touch” system. Modules for payment gateways, RADIUS servers, bandwidth managers and others are available to streamline network operations.

  6. Provisioning: Rodopi's provisioning engine can provision accounts on virtually any external server or system. Customers can sign up for services, choose their payment method and activate their account with just a few keystrokes.

  7. Scalability: VoIP providers can scale their customer base from hundreds to thousands and beyond with Rodopi’s “pay-as-you-grow” system. Rodopi’s VoIP billing, provisioning and customer care solution can be purchased in the licensed version or in a externally hosted (ASP) model.

  8. Consolidated Billing: In addition to VoIP billing, Rodopi can support, manage and invoice for a multitude of services including Internet access, web hosting, domain name management, outsourced email, or dedicated lines. Customers will have the benefit of viewing all of their services in one itemized billing statement.

  9. Reporting: Rodopi is the only software in its class to introduce the use of the OLAP (online analytical processing) technology for quick flexible reporting. OLAP allows users to create reports rather than be confined to pre-configured reports.

  10. Rapid Service Rollout: Pre-configured templates allow you to easily define pricing, service bundles and customer types, allowing services to be rolled out within hours or days instead of weeks or months.

  11. Customer Self Care: Fully customizable customer self care web interface greatly reduces support calls and expenses while increasing customer satisfaction.

  12. Logo Branding: Rodopi offers users the ability to brand services under different company names, colors and logos and provides a transparent interface to provisioning screens.

Rodopi VoIP