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Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management Devices

Bandwidth is one of the most valuable resources a provider has. Whether a provider offers web hosting , wireless access, broadband, or other internet services, managing the available bandwidth effectively is an important issue. Purchasing additional bandwidth is not a solution since this would only attract more abusers.

The solution is a close integration between the billing system and a bandwidth reporting or bandwidth restriction device. Providers can set different levels of service ( Bronze , Silver, Gold ) at different price levels . Customers who have mission critical applications will be willing to pay for guaranteed high bandwidth access. Less demanding customers can pay less, and have lower bandwidth access.

Rodopi is integrated with the leading Bandwidth Management devices on the market, Allot Communication's NetEnforcer and Packeteer's AppVantage. Both products provide great flexibility in restricting bandwidth. A provider can restrict bandwidth based on customer type (corporate, personal), type of application (email, web browsing, file sharing), and even time of day.

In addition, Rodopi also works with Cisco's NetFlow technology. Cisco's NetFlow collector gathers data concerning the traffic on the network. Rodopi then pulls this data and imports it into the billing database. Each customer is billed appropriately for the amount that they have used. Note that unlike Allot's NetEnforcer and Packeteer's PacketShaper, the NetFlow collector simply collects traffic data, it cannot actually restrict customers to a certain bandwidth limit.

Bandwidth Management