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Reseller Automation

Reseller billing, provisioning, CRM

If you're like most wholesale ISP, ASP, hosting or VoIP service providers, you struggle with the logistics of turning up and ramping new resellers. What good are cutting edge new services if your resellers can't easily provision and bill for them? Resellers need simple, cost-effective systems to quickly and effectively market your services. You need easy-to-use tools to automatically provision, manage and bill those resellers.

Rodopi's new EasyOSS™ is the answer. Our widely deployed online Operations Support System (OSS) solution provides an ordering, provisioning, billing and self-care platform in an automated, turn-key format to supercharge your wholesale business. EasyOSS offers:

  • Pre-configured billing, provisioning, and self-care templates integrated with your wholesale service delivery platform(s)
  • Scale resellers from hundreds of accounts to hundreds of thousands
  • Wholesale provisioning and billing automation reduces time to turn-up and increases margins
  • Complete solution enhances and differentiates your wholesale offering
  • Quick ramp for reseller means fast revenue and ROI for you Hosting

Complete Billing and Automation Solution Puts Resellers in Business TODAY

Get resellers up and running immediately without the delay associated configuring outdated back office systems. Default service configuration templates and an import wizard allow quick customization by resellers.

Accelerate Wholesale Revenues

Faster turn-up means a faster revenue ramp for you. Automation ensures that you and your resellers can scale your operations rapidly and profitably.

Increase Margin and Customer Satisfaction

EasyOSS™ automation streamlines order entry and service provisioning, eliminating manual processes and associated rework. Cut your costs, your resellers' costs, and give all participants increased control over their services.

Establish Differentiation and Build Loyalty

Offering a complete package of services plus supporting systems sets you apart from your competition. You'll sign more resellers and minimize churn.

Support Complex Product Bundles

Simplify the delivery of sophisticated products and service offerings. Rodopi supports flexible service definition, promotions, and bundled service plans to enable new product rollouts to meet market demands.

Develop an Incremental Revenue Stream

The value added by a next generation billing and OSS platform means additional revenue for your wholesale operations. Offer EasyOSS under Rodopi's brand or your own label.

You Host - We Host

EasyOSS can be hosted by Rodopi or in your own data center. Powerful administrative and third party integration capabilities guarantee the flexibility to deliver the most demanding solutions.

Low Upfront Investment and Flexible Pay as You Grow Pricing

Rodopi is the leader in cost-effective, scalable solutions for next generation service providers.