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Rodopi Software Automates VoIP Back Office for YFonGlobal Cable Service Provider Offering

Hosted Provisioning, Billing, and Customer Care Deployed for YFonGlobal

SAN DIEGO, CA, March 21, 2007 – Rodopi Software, an industry leader in new generation operations systems and software (OSS) and back office automation software, announced today that YFonGlobal, a provider of turnkey private labeled social network and custom Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions has deployed Rodopi’s EasyOSS to manage its cable service provider clients’ VoIP and broadband services enhancement. EasyOSS is a fully web enabled, hosted back office solution for converged IP services that includes fully automated provisioning, billing, and customer care.

The initial deployment provides VoIP services for cable television subscribers, and additional deployment is planned for several other YFonGlobal custom social network environments. By partnering with Rodopi, YFonGlobal has enhanced its ability to rapidly roll out market leading technology and complete end-to-end solutions to affinity entities, broadband providers, and other organizations, like local cable service providers seeking VoIP enhancement to compete with mega-size national cable service providers.

“YFonGlobal offers a unique value proposition that will take IP enhanced applications to a new level of relevance and functionality.” said Todd Benjamin, president and CEO of Rodopi. “The flexibility offered by the EasyOSS platform will extend to virtually every type of service and application envisioned by YFonGlobal and its clients, fueling rapid innovation and operational efficiency that will help position YFonGlobal as a gold standard in custom-branded social networking and VoIP solutions.”

“Rodopi was able to get a fully functional automated back office and billing platform in production in record time,” according to YFonGlobal President and CEO Marian Sabety. “Deploying a hosted solution allows our customers to benefit from minimized capital outlays, learning curves, and administrative overhead, ensuring that they can focus on marketing the service and growing their customer base.”

About Rodopi Software
Rodopi Software is a global leader in the design of robust, 100% web-based automation and back office applications that provide comprehensive provisioning, billing, and automated customer care solutions to Internet service providers (ISPs), hosting service providers (HSPs), application service providers (ASPs), and Internet telephony (VoIP) providers. Rodopi’s cost-effective, easily configurable software solutions are designed to automate time-consuming customer acquisition, service activation, and ongoing support and management processes, enabling next generation service providers to achieve higher service levels and greater profitability by lowering overhead costs and reducing the errors inherent in manual processes. For more information about Rodopi Software, please visit www.rodopi.com or call 858-882-0900.

About YFonGlobal, LLC
YFonGlobal, a Washington D.C.-based company, provides IP network solutions for market leading affinity programs. Using their Wyndstorm™ hosted application, clients can tailor a feature-rich social network on a plug-n-play basis, and brand it however they like. Wyndstorm™ provides search, security, click-to-call, and other value-add features that provide high value collaboration and programming for private brand marketing. For more information about YFonGlobal, LLC, visit www.yfonglobal.com.