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"Rodopiís software has helped us scale our business through our rapid growth in web hosting, domain name registration, file and photo sharing, and other ISP related services. We have Rodopi powering the back office for all our lines of business. The platform gives us online user self-activation and self-administration and provides real-time information about our sales, payments and fraud control."

John Martis

"Support had me up and going on 5.3 in less in two hours and I didn't have to make any configuration changes to my systems. 5.3 is a giant leap forward in speed and features."

Erik Tijburg
Redmoon Internet

"Wow! Lots of quick responses. That's a change from previous billing software company's I've dealt with."

James R. Saker Jr.
American Relay Company, LLC

"I've used [a competitor's software] and hated it. Now I'm using Rodopi and it's wonderful--the support is great as well."

John H.

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we all are with your work in getting Rodopi installed and [our previous billing software's] Access database imported and working under the new system."

Patricia Hampton
Pend Oreille Valley Network

"I am prepared to talk to Rodopi's potential customers and tell them what a great product you guys have and why we like it so much more than rival products."

Gary Lim
NetSat Express

"Your support guys have helped me with every request and have been VERY patient if I have failed to understand what they are doing."

Peter Moore

"We have recently been acquired along with 7 other ISPs and there is interest in migrating the other 6 to Rodopi as they all seem to love our billing system."

Mark Round
Iosphere Internet Inc.
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