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Satellite Solutions

Satellite Operators face a dilemma: how can they profitably offer broadband Internet access, voice and other multimedia services while maximizing their existing investments in their core networks?

There are solutions:
  • Implement a reseller model to increase network utilization and address markets they may not have been able to exploit themselves. Multiple Virtual Network Operators will then help expand the customer base and bring incremental revenue to the Host Network Operator
  • Deploy solutions that are pre-integrated and can handle the entire portfolio of next generation services to minimize Total Cost of Ownership and accelerate Time To Market.
Rodopi OSS is a unified platform for billing and provisioning of bundled IP based services, fully integrated with standards compliant third party hardware and software systems to provide an off-the-shelf, cost-effective business solution for Satellite Broadband networks. Rodopi also offers pre-packaged support for resellers and Virtual Network Operators (VNOs), including a partitionable architecture with fully autonomous VNO business rule and customer data.

Rodopi's proven features for Satellite Broadband include:
  • Recurring and usage based billing
  • Unified invoicing, printed or electronic
  • VoIP / High Speed Data flow through provisioning & account management
  • Resource management (DID, IP address, satellite modems...)
  • Traffic and bandwidth optimization through integrations with leading third party traffic management equipment
  • Fair access policy and quota management
  • Native support for Virtual Network Operators with template driven VNO creation and management
  • Enterprise business tools for online reporting, complex taxes, CRM / Marketing and integration with other systems
  • Out of the box customer self-serve portals and self sign-up
  • Integrated fault management and subscriber diagnostics
  • Service specific modules and out of the box support for VoIP, payment processing, Prepaid, etc.
Satellite Billing and Provisioning

With Rodopi OSS, satellite operators benefit from:
  • An integrated, scalable Satellite Broadband solution for fast Time-To-Market and service integration in carrier-grade networks
  • Open application programming interfaces (APIs) for integration with existing OSS and business systems
  • An optional fully hosted business model for rapid roll-out and minimal support personnel and infrastructure
  • Expertise in converged IP services and key relationship with third party equipment providers (device provisioning, traffic and bandwidth management appliances, VoIP manufacturers) for differentiated services and network optimization
  • An affordable solution for all deployment sizes, with pay as you grow pricing models for reduced capital outlay and optimal Total Cost of Ownership
  • An automated reseller model for operational efficiency and enhanced amortization of infrastructure investments

SurfBeam Virtual OSS (SVO):

Rodopi has partnered with ViaSat, a leading satellite equipment vendor and integrator, to provide a fully packaged and proven turn-key solution called ViaSat SurfBeam Virtual OSS. The solution enables service providers operating hub facilities to allocate satellite resources among multiple reseller customers, and provides the monitoring, management and control necessary to address the unique requirements to the end users accessing the network.

In addition to the Rodopi previously mentioned features, the turn-key ViaSat Surfbeam Virtual OSS solution brings:
  • Packaged support for Virtual Network Operators; a single server complex capable of supporting hundreds of VNO clients, each with its own automated back office system, customer management, bandwidth allocation and traffic management
  • Automated real-time load balancing
  • Integrated subscriber diagnostics
  • Fully automated workflows for activation, suspension, RMA, etc.
ViaSat is responsible for engineering antennas, DOCSIS satellite modems and satellite modem termination systems (SMTS). The satellite modem converts the satellite data transmissions into IP data packets, which can be processed by users' local area networks and PCs or any digital Internet appliance. ViaSat's solution enables satellite operators to leverage standard components from the DOCSIS standards, as well as the satellite TV industry, while ensuring that the design provides excellent performance over the satellite link. Using DOCSIS for satellite, operators can take advantage of proven broadband technology, including mass produced chipsets and switch/hub equipment, and mature back office systems. This huge savings in development time and costs will reduce the cost of subscriber services even more.

Rodopi provides an integrated billing and provisioning system for the broadband satellite customers and equipment. The Rodopi OSS system integrates with the SurfBeam DOCSIS provisioning system to manage ViaSat satellite modems, with the SMTS for load balancing and bandwidth optimization, and with the fault management tools to enable enhanced troubleshooting and subscriber level modem diagnostics (ping, throughput, signal to noise, availability...)

SurfBeam Virtual OSS (SVO)

The goals are simple...Lower the cost-of-entry for service providers who seek to deliver satellite-based broadband services; costs which otherwise would be prohibitive when addressing rural or under developed markets from scratch.

Rodopi's integration capabilities in every domain, together with off-the-shelf reseller automation is key to satellite operators' strategy for efficient resource management and allocation and the need for optimized infrastructure amortization. Rodopi OSS and Rodopi's expert implementation services position satellite operators to lead the evolution to converged, next generation services, while driving enhanced profits and optimizing operations. To learn more about Rodopi's solutions and current implementations for satellite networks, register online or contact sales@rodopi.com.