Welcome to the August 2008 edition of the Rodopi Bottom Line. Inside you’ll find summaries of the latest developments at Rodopi; including new products, new partnerships, recent customer implementations, and other breaking news. As always, we encourage you to contact your Rodopi sales representative for details and an update on our commitment to continually improve the experience of being a Rodopi customer.

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We've moved!

Please make a note of our new address.
Rodopi Software has moved its headquarters offices to a new facility in San Diego. Our new address is as follows:

11230 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 100
San Diego, California 92121 USA

+1-858-227-4867 main number
+1-770-852-6114 east coast office

New and Updated Integrations

Key to the Rodopi value proposition is the availability of packaged integration modules to provide off-the-shelf interoperability with leading third party hardware and software applications for broadband services. Driven by customer requests and market demand, we have significantly expanded our library of integration modules to include the following:
  • BroadSoft® BroadWorks® R14 OCI-P – Rodopi updated its off-the-shelf integration for BroadSoft R14 OCI-P that now includes the support of sub-trunking, updated feature control, activation of features and outgoing call plans support. More generally, BroadWorks Release 14, the latest version of the BroadWorks platform, is now fully implemented through its SOAP interface, a significant change from the previous CORBA architecture.

  • Wild West Domains Registrar – Rodopi now supports full integration with the Wild West Domains registrar in addition to the already existing integrations with Tucows, Register.com and Aplus.net / Names 4 Ever, thus enhancing our ability to reduce time-to-market for automating your web solution.

  • Soma Networks WIMAX multi-core provisioning – Rodopi has enhanced its long-time integration with Soma Networks Mobile WIMAX and Pre-WIMAX network to include Soma multi-core provisioning. When a Soma implementation needs multiple core systems to handle various applications, Rodopi can seamlessly provision each core system specifically, also allocating network resources such as IP addresses belonging to any of the core systems. This off-the-shelf integration with Soma networks has been built with the customer return on investment in mind to accelerate time to market on today’s high investment WIMAX markets.
  • DIBS Payment Gateway integration – Rodopi now supports full integration with DIBS Payment Gateway and therefore adds another choice in Credit Card processing when automating your networks. DIBS Payment is the leading Scandinavian payment provider and services more than 7000 customers in 17 countries. DIBS now joins Authorize.net, PaymentOne, Paypal, PayFlowPro, RPG, and others for efficient customer credit card processing through Rodopi billing.
  • PBS Automated ACH integration –Rodopi now supports integration with the ACH from PBS for payment interaction. PBS develops and operates solutions for payment systems and is a leading Danish supplier of payment solutions and related services to banks, private associations and public institutions.

Product News

New AAA enhancements!

Rodopi has significantly upgraded its AAA service which interfaces to its partner radius servers for improved support of Prepaid services. Now in addition to start of call (voice and/or data) and end of call status, Rodopi now supports interim call messages to keep up to date information on user account status, essential for Prepaid services that are time or volume dependant. Rodopi can now also act as the entity that will initiate user disconnection on credit expiration. On credit expiration, Rodopi can either terminate the session or reroute it to the service provider Customer Service Center. Until the user refills his account, the Customer Service Center or captive portal remains the only destination he is allowed to reach.

Customer Implementations

We continue to grow and strengthen the community of Rodopi users, currently more than 600. The diversity of business and operations processes supported, the service types and market segments covered, and the geographic dispersion is testimony to our focus on flexible technologies and enabling business models.  Recent new customer contracts and implementations include:


Brinkster - Brinkster is a web services hosting company with customers in over 175 countries around the world. Brinkster offers the highest quality and best supported domain name, shared and dedicated server web hosting, email and data storage services available. From their private top-tier datacenter and operations center in Phoenix, Arizona they support over 60,000 domains. Brinkster chose Rodopi to fully automate their web hosting solution and replace their existing system, with integration to third-party registrars. http://www.brinkster.com


2020 Communications –Local cell phone retailer Ann Arbor Wireless has purchased longtime Ann Arbor-based Internet connection company IC.net to create 20/20 Communications, a full service telecommunications provider. The newest product for 20/20 is VoIP. In addition, 20/20 introduces WiMax technology to the Michigan area, and has chosen Rodopi to provision and bill its wireless and other services. http://www.2020comm.com


Cobalt Broadband – Cobalt is a fully Integrated Internet Telephone (ITSP), Application Service Provider (ASP), and data communications provider delivering local access, point-to-point communications, and advanced Internet Protocol (IP) applications to residential and corporate users over its fixed wireline and wireless networks. Cobalt has chosen Rodopi to provide its billing services, http://www.cobaltbroadband.com


Affordable Internet Services Online – AISO is a California-based “green” web hosting company, which powers its network with solar energy. AISO host websites from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, East Africa, United States and other countries. AISO clients range from individual personal websites to small businesses to large corporate clients. AISO relies on Rodopi’s provisioning, billing and customized new user portals to offer superior service to their web hosting users. www.aiso.net


Global Connect expands- Leading Telecom provider of fiber optics-based services in Denmark and Germany, GlobalConnect A/S decided to renew its trust in Rodopi OSS by implementing Rodopi’s Reseller Automation to support its white label solution for ASPs. Global Connect also acquired Danish ISP V2Tel and will also use Rodopi to automate former V2Tel’s subscribers. www.globalconnect.dk.
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Latest events and case study

Customer Focus/Case Study

7i in Saudi Arabia – System Integration by Oger Systems




7i provides the most comprehensive and innovative solutions in the fields of IT, Internet services, connectivity and software applications. 7i is providing DSL, email, web hosting, wireless and satellite products to business and individuals.  7i was established in 2003, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 7i decided recently to launch an innovative prepaid card solution for DSL data users throughout Saudi Arabia. With the help of Oger Systems as a system integrator, 7i launched a solution with three prepaid data options:

  1. Unlimited one month prepaid data
  2. Unlimited six month prepaid data
  3. Prepaid data limited to 1Gb, no time limit

Rodopi is deployed as a centerpiece of the solution, providing user athentication and prepaid billing. The prepaid card batches are managed in the Rodopi OSS solution, which also handles user account creation on first activation, retrieval of user account details, username and password when the same user buys a second card and off-the-shelf integration with a Vircom Radius server with enhanced AAA.
Through its enhanced AAA, Rodopi, as described in an above chapter of this newsletter, can handle user disconnect on volume or validity expiration, also directing the user to 7i customer care on credit expiration.

Trade Shows and Events

Billing & OSS World 2008 – As an active player in the Billing and OSS market with its fully open and integrated solution, Rodopi showcased its latest developments and integrations at Billing and OSS World 2008 show. Rodopi’s booth attracted a large collection of partners, customers and new prospects.

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