Latest Release of Rodopi Software’s Flagship Billing, Provisioning, & Customer Management Application

Upgrade to new power and flexibility!


Rodopi is proud to announce the commercial availability of the latest edition of its web based automation software platform. Version 5.7 incorporates many new tools and new features requested by our prospective and existing service provider customers.

Rodopi OSS has been installed globally for over ten years in leading online, network, and IP enabled businesses to automate the customer and service lifecycles. Our customers are a constant source of innovative suggestions and demanding new requirements that continue to drive the evolution of the product. This release is no exception, and is a direct result of pragmatic, real life implementations and an increasingly competitive and complex service delivery environment.

Version 5.7 offers several key improvements to the infrastructure, functionality, and usability of the Rodopi OSS platform.

The new release includes:

  1. Upgraded Administrative Web Interface
  2. New Task Execution Server
  3. New Easy Report Query Center
  4. Support for Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5
  5. Enhanced AAA Service
  6. New Transaction API
  7. New Rodopi Portals Self Serve Portal and SDK
  8. Enhanced PirinXR Customer API
  9. New VoIP Rating Agent
  10. Improved Postpaid Support
Upgraded Administrative Web Interface

The new back office user interface is an attractive, modernized rendition of the classic web based UI. New colors, menu reorganization and new functional screens are designed to enhance the user experience and efficiency.

Admin UI
*New* Task Execution Server

Rodopi has replaced the legacy Procedure Server with a new Task Execution Server that can execute internal and external .NET programs alongside the internal Rodopi application and stored procedures. Task Execution introduces a flexible new utility with more ways to schedule billing and other system tasks not only through nightly procedures or subscriptions but also on a scheduled or real-time basis.


Task execution UI
*New* Easy Report Query Center

A new, flexible set of tools in version 5.7 enable user-friendly creation, customization, and rendering of online reports. Using the Query Center, users can select, display, and export standard online information in an easy to use format. With the optional authoring interface, administrators can modify the online reports and create new reports with nothing more than a query and a template (format). Report grouping, printable reports, CSV and XML outputs, and a new presentation client are just some of the new features available in the Easy Report Query Center.


Report Center UI
Support for Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5

Version 5.7 has been ported to take advantage of the latest Microsoft developments through the support of the .NET 3.5 architecture. This enhancement will facilitate additional future functionality in the system, including Windows Communication Foundation (web services), long running workflows, and other infrastructure improvements. All .NET components located on the same server will now communicate directly for increased flexibility and performance.

Enhanced AAA interface
Rodopi has significantly upgraded the Rodopi AAA (authentication, authorization, accounting) service which interfaces RADIUS and other network servers for improved support of real time and prepaid services. A new, web services interface complements the existing CORBA based high performance messaging. In addition to start of call (voice and/or data) and end of call status, Rodopi now supports interim call messages to keep up-to-date information on user account status; essential for prepaid services that are time or volume dependant. Rodopi OSS can now act as the entity that will initiate user disconnection on balance depletion or credit expiration. On credit expiration, Rodopi can either terminate the session or initiate a reroute it to the service provider Customer Service Center. Until the user refills his account, the Customer Service Center or captive portal remains the only destination he is allowed to reach.
*New* Transaction API
Today’s service providers are forced to offer an increasingly broad portfolio of services to their customers. Many of these services are purchased wholesale and integrated into one or more value added product bundles. It is highly desirable to generate a single invoice to the end user, with all services included. The new Transaction API will facilitate a single bill for in-house and outsourced services. Third party retail billing transactions can be imported to Rodopi OSS and placed in the customer account and on the Rodopi generated invoice. Whether the services are third party VoIP, security features, back-up, or other innovative adds, a single integrated billing and collections process can be implemented.
*New* Rodopi Portals Self Serve Portal and SDK

Rodopi OSS 5.7 offers an optional default end user interface and SDK for easily customizing self serve web portals for quick launch without design and programming. The portals communicate with Rodopi OSS through the Rodopi OSS API using ASP controls for faster roll-out and flexible deployment.

The Sign-up Portal allows customer self-subscription to the service though a single page or multiple page customizable process for automated subscriber creation and activation. The Self-care Portal enables self-management of subscriber services, profiles, payments and trouble ticket tracking.

Rodopi Personalized Portals feature ASP.NET controls integrated with Rodopi APIs using the .NET frame-work together with pre-designed HTML pages for sign-up and self-care to enable rapid roll-out of services.

Codeless customization and integration in existing .NET environments allows changing skins and logo through ASP.NET themes together with ASP.NET controls for declarative integration with Rodopi OSS. Multiple language support allows even faster implementation. Service Providers may either customize the default portals or design their own portals using Rodopi’s optional SDK.

Portal UI
Enhanced PirinXR Customer API
The legacy XML based API has been completely re-written in .Net to enhance the functionality and facilitate new extensions. Extensions in 5.7 to existing functionality include the ability to override standard pricing (custom pricing) on a per customer per plan basis, and the ability to close plans immediately without waiting for the nightly routines. The API supports all customer functions, including create, modify, subscribe, get invoice, etc. It can be used to integrate with northbound systems, such as salesforce automation, contracts and order management, ERP, and third party provisioning systems.
*New* VoIP Rating Agent

Version 5.7 provides additional flexibility in competitive rating options for providers of VoIP services. Multiple unit types (eg. peak / off-peak, mobile / landline) can now be included in the same rating agent, the rated call can now be displayed at the end of the rating process (rather than after billing), and rating tables now can now be combined with a “bucket of minutes” for sophisticated pricing plans. Better usage information, easier definition of bill cycles, and flexible rating policies are all available through 5.7.

Improved Postpaid Support
In addition to existing postpaid support for billing usages, Rodopi 5.7 simplifies the billing of fees in arrears, enabling support of even more modes of flexibility. The new features allow billing modes to be adjusted on a per service plan basis, enabling some customers to be billed recurring fees in advance, while others may be billed in arrears. This is particularly valuable for service providers with diverse types of end user subscribers, including business and consumer customers.

Implement or upgrade to V5.7 to get these new features for increased power and flexibility! Rodopi OSS 5.7 is scheduled to be available for new installations and existing customer upgrades in the fourth quarter of 2008.

For more information about Rodopi OSS 5.7, contact or call 858-227-4867.

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